2015 Patina Chardonnay

I have a lot to thank David Cumming of Define Wine for.  A few months back he introduced me to wineries and wines from areas of New South Wales I was not familiar with, didn’t have a proper appreciation for and am now coming to thoroughly enjoy.  Patina is a perfect example of this.

There is a great story behind the Patina name and I encourage you to click on the website link below and have a read.

Rich yet subtle mouth-filling and palate coating flavours of peaches, pears and cream.  Peaches, pears and cream?  Who wouldn’t love that!!  A delicious, silky textural element that seems to surf the wave of lush fruit right to the finish.  Speaking of the finish,  it is…

…surreptitiously long.  What do I mean by this?  Well, when I tasted it the first time I did everything the normal way including swallowing the wine (I don’t spit wine under these circumstances).  I had a bit of a think about the wine and went to have another taste but the flavours were still there, so I moved my glass away for a few seconds.  As I raised the glass again, those flavours were STILL on my palate!  I think this wine was quietly trying to tell me not to rush it but to savour the flavours it was giving me so generously.  Truly delightful!

Patina Wines Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $35     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine

2015 PatinaChardonnay

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