2014 Kennedy Wines Heathcote Shiraz

It’s been quite a while since I’ve tried a Kennedy wine.  For no other reason than, well, there isn’t one really.  This one reminded me of why I should revisit some of the smaller wineries/producers that have impressed me in the past.  Now, I’m not going to say which bottle warehouse I bought this from but I was so glad it was there.

Apologies, I’m going to use a ‘formula’ (for want of a better word) for this blog post.  I saw it on an Instagram and thought it was simple, succinct and wouldn’t draw on people’s attention too much (to be more specific, bore you.  I’ll be interested to know your thoughts).

Colour: It was deep and dark all the way to the rim. It had a such a sheen to it as well.  Attractive to say the least.

Nose: It took some work but black fruits got me in.  Star anise (or fennel or cheap licorice) and a high percentage of dark chocolate for sure.

Palate:  There’s some licorice with dark fruits including plums.  There’s a slight fruit sweetness that balances sour black cherries.  Medium to full bodied, dense yet delicate with a creamy like (oak?) impact on tasting.  It is so very smooth with a long, long finish. Don’t expect the cool climate white pepper.  It may be savoury but the fruit is the crowning glory for me.  Tannin?  Zip, zilch, zero.  Very nicely done.

Kennedy Wines Website

Region: Heathcote, Victoria     Price: $25     Source: Retail Purchase

Kennedy Shiraz

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