2017 Angove Long Row Riesling

The expectation is that expensive wine has to be good but, good wine doesn’t have to always be expensive.  Here is a wine to prove that point.

I must admit, the only reason I went for this wine was because it was among other white wines, including a sparkling wine, that didn’t take my fancy.  Added to that, I knew the Angove name was synonymous with good quality wines.

It was a little developed colour wise but that didn’t deter me.  I’m a big Riesling fan.  I was going in anyway.

Quite an aromatic, varietal, citrusy nose so it was off to a very good start for me.  Citrusy for sure on the palate.  Limes with a hint of lemon and subtle grapefruity tang.  It’s nice and delicate without reaching any great heights but, for pete’s sake, look at the price!  I must add, it lingered longer than I expected on the palate too.  Very nice work.

FYI, it was awarded a bronze medal at the Sydney Royal Wine Show in 2017.

Angove Website

Region: South Australia     Price: $10 (Bargain)     Source: Hotel Club Lounge

Angoves Riesling

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