2017 Huntington Estate ‘Barrel Ferment’ Chardonnay

I like Chardonnay.  No surprises there.

The term ‘Barrel Ferment’ will conjure up some interest I’ve no doubt regardless of its ‘sometimes use’ when it comes to Chardonnay.

Respect of regional tradition is something that needs to be considered when in the Chardonnay sphere too.  Combine them and you stir that interest again.  Especially for me considering I’ve not had the privilege of trying many Mudgee Chardonnays.  The crew at Huntington Estate have taken it all into consideration with this one.

For me it seems shy yet ‘up front’ on the nose.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  There are the typical and obvious Chardonnay aromatics yet it seems a bit restrained.

Tasting, or should I say drinking it, is where it became really interesting and grabbed my attention.  Here it’s almost like it’s telling you it has a future while wanting to be enjoyed now.  The old ‘two bob each way’ scenario.

Plenty of really good flavour hanging around thanks to some well managed texture (there’s that barrel fermentation showing itself) but some citrus acidity claiming its place in the make up of this wine to let you know of its capability to develop over a short period of time.  It’s very nice, moreish and so easily drinkable.

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $24      Source: Sample courtesy of Huntington Estate and Define Wine


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