2016 Huntington Estate Special Reserve Semillon

Some wine varieties go out of fashion.  Some never actually become fashionable.  Some deserve to be fashionable but don’t seem to win over punters.  I think Semillon falls into the last category.  When there are great examples like this one, people don’t realise what they are missing out on including me.  I really don’t drink enough of this much ignored variety and I only have myself to blame.

It’s a shy young thing.  I had to give it a decent swirl and shake in the glass to get some subtle lemon and grassy notes on the nose and I thought this was a sign of things to come.

Well I was wrong.  Tasting this wine was a pleasure indeed.  That lemon aroma moves up a notch in this realm of the experience with that citrusy acid taking all before it.  However, it’s not like some ‘in your face acid’ that you can get from young Semillon.  Perfectly balanced by some nice weight and texture, it seems to get better the more you taste it.  The acid became soft, the wine seemed to fill out and it lingered long.

I’ve never known a wine to make me feel guilty like this one did, unintentional of course.  As I said earlier, after tasting this wine, I really don’t appreciate or drink Semillon enough.  It deserves better treatment not just by me but universally.


Region: Mudgee, NSW           Price: $30          Source: Sample thanks to Huntington Estate and Define Wine 

Huntington Estate 16 Semillon



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