2017 Yelland & Papps Second Take Vermentino

There are many things I like about this wine (and another white wine in the Second Take range) but one I want to mention is that it sort of made me step outside my comfort zone when it comes to wine.  Most who know me are aware I’m a bit of a conservative and routine sort of bloke, but this wine made me take a look at other ways, and to a certain extent  good ways, to treat some varieties.

I really dig this wine.  When I served it up to some friends and it generated some interest and conversation.  Just what wine is supposed to do.

This pushes the intrigue button right from the start and that is just with the information on the bottle.  It gives the drinker everything they need to know about why this is why it is.  One snippet of that information to fire up the interest factor, two hundred and thirty one days on skins!  I dare you to google the normal time a white wine spends slothing about like this.

I picked up some wheat beer (banana) and ginger beer spice aromatics.  Drinking is so much the pleasure of this wine every time.  You don’t see it on the nose but citrus characters appear on the palate in the form of those lemon drop lollies that you suck on until they disappear slowly but they blend nicely with, sort of, subtle stone fruit characters.  That subtlety is right through the whole experience of this drinking part too.  I could easily drink a lot of this…easily!!


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $40     Source: Sample


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