2015 Craigie Knowe Cabernet Sauvignon

Disclaimer: I am bias when it comes to Tassie wines and I make no bones about it.  I’d also like to add that it doesn’t influence my views of the wines.  Honestly.

So, you’re possibly thinking, why on earth has he started off with that, or more likely you probably couldn’t care less.  Either way, I’m going to tell you why I’ve said it.  Cabernet Sauvignon from this neck of the woods has been questioned at length as to why growers, winemakers and producers persist.  The reasons are many and varied I’m sure.

Tasmania is known for particular varieties.  Pinot Noir (obviously), Riesling (of course), Chardonnay (probably not so but deserves to be) and Sparkling wines (think Arras, Bay of Fires, Jansz, as you do).  Cabernet is not on that list.  Rightfully so, but it shouldn’t be disregarded.  There is one which is rated ‘Outstanding’ in Langtons Classification of Australian Wine.  Says a lot don’t you think?  Here is one, in my humble opinion, that reiterates that view.

These guys have the oldest vineyards on the East Coast of Tasmania.  Planted in 1979, this Cabernet Sauvignon (with some Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot) has long been forgotten in this world of cool climate Cabernet.  Not surprisingly though.  The original owner was not one for social media, interweb or on-line sales sort of thing but, in his defence, it wasn’t so accessible either.

It’s going to surprise you and everyone else with the colour.  Deep, clean and pretty.  Smell this and you’ll straight away be thinking about picking and eating fresh blackberries directly from the bushes.  Juicy buggers aren’t they?  That’s what it’s like when you drink it.  It has a lovely fruity, juicy, (better than) medium bodied character that I reckon will be popular with the good folk but not voted class captain or prefect because of its approachability and  down to earth nature.  Its future lies in the ‘secondary’ part of its evolution where it will be able to show its best to those who are patient.  I just wish I was more patient.

Don’t be like the ‘experts’, and I mean that in a respectful way.  I’m not going to say what they thought of this wine because it is an ‘opinion’ of which they are entitled.  My only advice is, don’t be persuaded by preconceived ideas or independent views about Tassie Cabernet Sauvignon.  You could find yourself missing out on some absolute beauties like this one.

Did I mention the silver medal it received at the Royal Hobart Wine Show in 2017?  Enough said.


Region: Swansea, Tasmania     Price: $50     Source: Gift

Craigie Know cabernet-sauvignon


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