2015 Gartelmann Wilhelm Hunter Valley Shiraz

Hunter Valley Shiraz could easily frequent the bottle shops of Hobart and not get noticed.  Not because it isn’t popular it’s just that it’s not so well known in this little part of Terra Australis.  Shame really because this is something the folk of Hobart are missing out on and this wine adds to that issue.

I found it be a little bit delicate and feminine on the nose which is not what I experienced when I tasted it…sort of.  It’s still delicate but has plenty of flavour.  Let me explain, please.

There’s a richness of dark fruits which are tamed by juicy blue fruits.  Then you realise spicy cherries are adding to the flavours and even plums add to the mix almost like a plum jam flavour.  A nice balance of sweet and sour.  It’s not full bodied, yet better than medium  bodied but delicate (there’s that word again) and really easy to drink if a little bit dusty/dry on the finish but the fruit nicely supports this.

I’m inclined to think this is not a long term cellaring wine because the fruit seems to be the main player which will appeal to many, including me, but there’s enough structure to indicate it will reward those who put some away.  I think it’s more for enjoying now and believe me, it is most enjoyable.

Gartelmann Wines

Region: Hunter Valley, NSW     Price: $28     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine

Gartelmann Wilhelm Shiraz

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