2017 Taylors Promised Land Pinot Noir

“DON’T LOOK DOWN” are three words I’ve heard suggested to people who say they are afraid of heights.  Now, you don’t have to worry about heights when reading this but I still ask that you don’t look down…at the price of this wine.  It’ll make you dizzy and make you start slapping your own cheeks!

Don’t get too worried when you pour it.  It’s obviously a young wine and it shows in the bright colour.  Same when you take a sniff.  It’s all red fruits of course but there is a dab touch of spicyness.  In all honesty, even here it was not that promising.  It took a bit to show itself and you’d be forgiven for thinking “what have I got here”.   Hold that thought.

The palate, the tasting, the drinking is where this wine comes into it’s own.  Goodness me!  It doesn’t tell you where the fruit was sourced but, don’t worry yourself.  Enjoy this for what it is.  A vivacious, savoury/spicy, smooth, almost medium bodied, absolute bargain buy wine.  It screams “drink me” which is what this wine is all about.  Don’t be afraid to chill it down if you live in the warmer climes of Australia.  It would probably thank you for it.  It’s a ‘go to’ and a ‘buy it’ type of wine.


Region: It doesn’t matter     Price: $14      Source: Sample

Promised Land PN

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