Levantine Hill – The Place

Levantine Hill is an extraordinary place.  From the moment you drive onto the property, situated in the beautiful Yarra Valley, there is a sense of class and sophistication but it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what car you drive or the clothes you wear (within reason of course), everyone is welcome.  Besides, we are all there for the exact same reason.  For the sumptuous food prepared by Teage Ezard and his kitchen crew or the neatly handcrafted wines by Paul Bridgeman or a combination of both.

The building is quite striking but understated just the same.  Inside, there is a sense of plenty going on but everything is so orderly.  By that I don’t mean structured or regimental, it’s more that the team know how to do their thing without fuss or bother.

Levantine-Hill-Estate-Cellar Door

The tasting bench is nice and high with stools that perch you up at the ideal level to prepare yourself for a tasting of their exquisite, handcrafted wines.

Separated from the tasting bench, the All Day Dining area is set up to make things so easy for the diner as it is for the staff.  Neatly put into rows, tables for two (or four) are such that they are easily put together should a larger party arrive.  This is not a problem for the helpful and courteous team.


There are also Barrel Booths, a unique spot for more of a quiet, intimate lunch for two or a bigger group that has so much to catch up on, the chatter is constant, frivolity endures and memories are relived and made in one afternoon.

Moving into the more elegant dining area, Ezard at Levantine, the tables are positioned so privacy is provided without feeling isolated from the other diners which also allows you to speak to your partner or group normally without feeling as though your every word could be everyone else’s business.

signature restaurant

The areas are separated by displays showcasing products and produce from Levantine Hill and others but not to coax you into buying something.  They are more a mosaic of wine, foods and homewares that attracts your interest rather than demanding of your money.

Levantine Hill may seem like a big, shiny, new cellar door and it is, don’t get me wrong but that’s what you see from the outside.  Walk up to the door, wander inside and you’ll feel the welcome not just hear a greeting.

Visit the Yarra Valley, visit Levantine Hill and you’ll leave having experienced something rather than having just done something.  What are you waiting for?!


Next time:  Levantine Hill – Ezard at Levantine

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2 Responses to Levantine Hill – The Place

  1. Ben Sommer says:

    Great description TP. You should do more of these CD stories considering how well travelled you are. Cheers Ben


    • Tony Peters says:

      G’day Ben. Hope all is well with you, Mia and the crew. Thanks for the feeback mate. That’s a good suggestion and, for fear of sounding conceited, you’re right. I reckon I will. Thanks mate.


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