2017 Mitchell Wines Watervale Riesling

It took me what seemed like ages to get started on this review.  I didn’t know where to start.  The issue was, it is such a beautiful, delicious Riesling that I wanted to make sure I did it justice in words.  Here goes.

It starts off with mouth-watering, floral and citrusy aromas.  Plenty of lemons and limes then grapefruity acidity touches down on the palate.  Subtly powerful and fresh, rich and juicy with a long dry finish.  Probably the shortest description I have ever written, but it seems appropriate to be so precise…just like this Riesling.

As much as Mitchell Rieslings are known to age without a hiccup, this is also a mighty good wine at such a young stage of its life and at this price, it should be a cellar staple.


Region: Watervale, Clare Valley     Price: $24     Source: Sample courtesy of Mitchell Wines


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