2013 Grey Sands Pinot Noir

When it comes to wine, I’m no expert.  I read a lot of what experts have to say about wines but not necessarily agree with them just as I’m sure they don’t agree with me.  That’s what opinions are all about.  They are entitled to theirs, just as I am mine.  This wine is a case in point.

The nose is a bit shy.  Not shy-shy but more, give a little bit then a little bit more then a little bit more sort of shy before it reveals itself in the best possible way and that is, tasting it.

Very different on the palate so be prepared.  Initially it sort of see-saws between sweet and savoury but after a good bit of air it settles into a flavoursome, dark cherry and plum fruit, balanced wine.  It is quite delicious, maybe a tad dry, which makes it such a versatile wine so, serve it up in your best glassware with a good chunk of steak or it will sit perfectly in a tumbler beside a charcuterie plate if that’s what takes your fancy.

Regardless of what certain judges think, this is a very good, very well made wine…in my opinion of course.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Northern Tasmania     Price: $50     Source: Wine Tasting

Grey Sands PN 2013

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