2016 Robert Stein Mudgee Reserve Chardonnay

This may cost me dearly, but I had not heard of Robert Stein or his wines until I received an email from Dave Cummings of Define Wine.  Apart from the name, the other thing about this wine that poked my curiosity was ‘Mudgee Chardonnay’.  It’s known around the traps I like my Chardonnay but, Mudgee?  Now here is a different beast.

This wine started on a high and stayed there. Warm melted butter on fresh sour dough bread (stay with me please).  Stone fruits? Yep, but don’t spit the stone out too quickly, it adds a nice dimension…you’ll know what I mean.  Throwing 50% new oak at it was a big call but the fruit was such that it took it in its stride and just kept going…and going…and going.

Between the three of us who were present when I opened and tried it, the bottle became an empty receptacle forming an innate part of the recycle bin.  Enough said really.


Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $40     Source: Sample courtesy of define wines

Robert Stein Chardonnay


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