2013 Huntington Estate Shiraz

Many years ago I worked in a land far, far away.  Not really but it may well have been.  A place called Queenstown on the West Coast of Tasmania and, if you know the place, you’ll understand what I mean by far, far away.  Where is this headed?  This is not the place I expected to have my first experience of Huntington Estate Shiraz.  No, it wasn’t available in the town, it just so happened some friends from Dubbo visited and brought a bottle with them.  It impressed me enough that I gave them some money and they sent some back to me when they returned home.

I was pretty excited when this arrived on my doorstep.  Although I can’t remember what the first wine of theirs I tasted was like, I knew with the current reputation Huntington Estate had, this was bound to be a good drop.

A terrific deep colour in the glass, it promised heaps.  It was a bit shy to start with, the aromas taking their time to come out (decanting recommended) but when they did, vualá!  Lovely, juicy black fruits and plums on the palate were no suprise after the nose revealed itself and then everything seemed to move up a notch.  It just seemed to open up and show its class the more I swirled it in the glass.  Very friendly tannins contribute to good length on the finish of this full bodied and dead-set honest shiraz.


Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $26 (Cheap!)     Source: Sample


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