2017 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling

It’s that time of year when there is a heap of ‘holiday’ movies released and most of them sit in the ‘G Rated’ category.  Okay, fair enough, I accept that because school kids and teens are about to have a nice long break (lucky buggers but good luck parents).

The adults are not forgotten this time of year either (this is where your good luck begins).  Many a white wine is released to coincide with the warm weather that mother nature trickle feeds us about now.

I’ve decided it is pointless to go on about this wine.  Those who know it will skip this part because they couldn’t care less.  They know all about it.

Those who don’t will (hopefully) read this and realise they are on a damn good thing.

Intense lemons and limes on the nose and palate set you off on the journey.  Add in some slightly grapefruity acidity, a hint of spiciness (weird I know for a Riesling but there you have it) and incredible length.

For a wine at this price, you should be buying up big time!!  Loved it.


Region: Eden Valley, SA     Price:      Source:  Tasting

Pewsey Vale eden-valley-riesling

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