2014 Summerfield Merlot

Plenty of things have surprised me of late.  I could go on a bit about them but I can’t help but mention how surprised I was about this merlot.  Maybe that’s a bit unfair I don’t know but, to be honest, it came down to not having tried Summerfield wines before and a merlot from an untried producer.  I was oh so pleasantly surprised, enamoured and impressed all at the same time with this one.

The colour is incredible!  It’s as dark as the label on the bottle.  Youthful, dark fruit and plummy aromatics that seep onto your tongue which by now is salivating in anticipation. It’s dark fruity, it’s savoury, it’s a little woody, it’s a little dry but by bloody oath it’s good! Don’t bother looking for tannins or alcohol (13.1%!). Use your time productively and find where you can get your hands on some of this.

Thanks heaps to our good friends Bob & Karen for the gift and introducing me to this label.


Region: Pyrenees, Vic     Price: $35     Source: Gift



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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this merlot Tony! ‘Twas a tough, year-long, oft agonising task for the selection committee, but this one lingered long and large at the top, brushing other, quite possibly more well deserving contenders aside; the underlying factor being “If there is a better merlot, we would love to know.” Once tried, one is left to wonder just what the range is like, and for the record, none disappoint.

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