2015 Sew & Sew Adelaide Hills Syrah

Those who have been to our home know we have an excellent view of the River Derwent, Mount Wellington, Hobart and its surrounds.  There has been suggestions that it must be easy to take for granted having ‘it’ there every day.  Far from it.  We know that every day it may well change thanks to the suns position, the cloud cover or the time of day.

Same could be said for Adelaide Hills shiraz or syrah.  When people taste one of these wines there is a certain landscape they have become used to and come to expect.  Take for granted if you like.  There’ll be elegance, not power.  There’ll be red and dark cherry fruit flavours, not darkish fruit and a hint of pepper and spice.

Well, prepared to be surprised with this one.

This little gem has all the characteristics of a flavoursome, elegant, silky Adelaide Hills Syrah but with the added nuances of savouriness, quite rich (not overpoweringly so) mid palate plumminess.  Apparently there was oak used, old admittedly but it rides along perfectly with everything else this wine has to offers up.  Even the tannins seem very happy in this environment.  Balanced.  That’s the word, balanced.  Another word I’d use is impressive.  A word it deserves.


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $39     Source: Sample


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