2015 Yalumba Eden Valley Rousanne

For various reasons in the current political climate in Australia, people are moving away from the main stream parties and putting their support behind alternative groups and/or individuals.  As much as we realise the bigger parties are the ones to do the job, the minor players are having an influence on the overall landscape.

Rousanne is proving to be one of those minor players in the world of wine varieties.  It is having lots to say, gaining plenty of support and making the big guys stand up and take notice.

Everything about this wine is subtle without trying to be so.  The nose, for starters, seems a bit shy but with a bloody good swirl out comes a floral scented oil character I really enjoyed.  Pretty similar on tasting it too, then pears come into the mix and a creamy texture that had me going back for more…and more!

What a lovely wine this is!


Region: Eden Valley     Price: $25     Source: Retail purchase



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