2015 Holm Oak Ilex Sauvignon Blanc

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Sauvignon Blanc (commonly referred to as SB).  I have tasted some that have changed my opinion in the short term but they have been few and far between.  I much prefer the styles that have been carefully wrapped in a large cask of oak.

This one?  Well, it hasn’t helped my opinion on SB.  Grassy.  No surprises there.  Italian herbs.  A pleasant surprise on the nose.

When I tasted it freshly opened, unfortunately those grassy herbal flavours were drowned by a quite sour note and really tight acid making it unpleasant to drink. Admittedly, I tried it again a couple of days later and, thankfully the sour note had all but disappeared but it didn’t help much.  It was varietal but one dimensional.

This was not a wine for my taste but I’ve no doubt it will appeal to hard-nosed SB drinkers…and good luck to them.

Bec and Tim Duffy make great wine so I’m not quite sure what happened with this one. Dud bottle maybe?


Region: Tamar Valley, Tasmania     Price: $20     Source: Gift


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