2015 Stargazer Tasmania Chardonnay

I hear and read so often about how Chardonnay is making a ‘comeback’.  I don’t agree with this statement.  It has always been around (it’s the most widely planted white grape in the country) but it copped a bit of flack for a while because of how it was being made.  I would prefer to say that Chardonnay has been refurbished or reinvented if you like.  Here is a Chardonnay that is certainly making a contribution.

There is so much to like about this wine that it doesn’t seem right to single out any particular characters.  You will know it’s a Chardonnay there’s no doubt about that but it seems to have it’s own personality without being different.  It’s intriguing to the point where you keep sipping it and drinking it because there is so much to find out about this wine.

Grab a novel by your favourite author and a bottle of this.  You’ll soon find yourself wondering which one you are trying to read and which one has your attention.


Region: Tamar & Derwent Valleys, Tasmania     Price: $45     Source: Online Purchase


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