2015 Hentley Farm Poppy Field Blend

My late Nan use to call something that was a mix of allsorts a ‘Heinz Variety’ but you knew it was an endearing term because she’d say it with a smile.  She liked whatever it was.

Considering it has 43% Eden Valley Riesling, 21% Eden Valley Chardonnay, 19% Eden Valley White Frontignac, 9% Barossa Valley Viognier and 8% Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris it fits into the ‘Heinz Variety’ definition.

The Riesling component is the standout.  Lime, citrus and honey blossom aromas tell you that but just wait until you taste this.  There is plenty going on let me tell you.  Put those aromas with apricot, pear and a touch of sweetness (thanks to the frontignac) on the palate and you have a beautifully balanced blend.  The very soft acid coupled with that touch of sweetness gives it a lovely, long finish too.  If I had to find one fault (and it’s not really a fault) with it, it doesn’t come in a magnum.  It is that easy to drink!


Region: Various South Australian     Price: $24     Source: Sample


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