2016 LiNO RaMBle Ludo Fiano

Straight off the bat, I’m going to say, it is so easy to say how a wine has texture, richness and viscosity and with this wine it’s backed up with substance & truth.  Andy & Angela have nailed it with this wine, that’s for sure.

Strangely enough the vines for this wine have an average age of 2 years.  Yep, 2 years.  But with some deft treatment by the team, including some of the juice being put into barrel, this has come out on the other side shining.

Lots (and I mean plenty) of flavour that seems to hang around for the attention it definitely deserves.  My palate soaked it all in and could not ignore its presence and nor could the others in the room.

A terrific example of this variety that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.  Nice work from the LiNO RaMBLe team.  Very nice work indeed.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $30     Source: Online purchase (sort of)



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