2016 LiNO RaMBLe Pee Wee Nero d’Avola Rosé

I found it interesting that, even though I knew what the ‘Pee Wee’ reference meant, my wife immediately thought of ‘Pee Wee’ Wilson of The Delltones (not showing her age much).

The actual reference is to the small marbles of that childhood game that was pretty popular in our house growing up.  But, my wife’s memory got me thinking.

The Delltones were a vocal harmony group of (originally) four fellas.  What I’d like to emphasise is the ‘harmony part.  This wine is that but it is also has so many facets that work well together and is appreciated by many generations.

I must warn you, everything about it is pretty, lively and fresh.  Cranberries (a favourite) on lead vocals backed up nicely by a choir of red fruits.  This may not linger for as long as The Delltones (50+ years!!) but, for a rosé, this gives plenty for the vocal chords to think about and thoroughly appreciate…just like we did!


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $25     Source: Online Purchase


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