2014 Spring Vale Pinot Noir

First up, let me tell you, I do not get sick of Tassie Pinot Noir.  If I was going to be a bit bias I’d go to the lengths of saying that nobody (that I know of) gets sick of it either.

There’s no ‘beg your pardon’ with this example. It gives everything Tassie Pinot right from the get-go and is so much so on the nose.  Nothing new there (I don’t mean that in a negative way either).

The palate?  Almost the same but with an added oomph!  Dark fruits are kings with acid and tannins the (almost equal) queen sitting side saddle, not just along for the ride but, in support and, nicely so, like it knows it place (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way).  Dark cherries bring it to a pretty lengthy close which also show it’s class.

Not for the ‘pinot noir’ faint hearted.  It demands food so, give it duck…or pork…or whatever you damn well like!  You will love IT as much as IT loves your food…and you.  A lovely wine.


Region: East Coast, Tasmania     Price: $45     Source:  Wine Show purchase


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1 Response to 2014 Spring Vale Pinot Noir

  1. thevinsomniac says:

    Nice one TP, this and the (cheaper, more approachable) Melrose are such good go-to wines.I’ve also recently had the pleasure of tasting (ex-Springvale grape treader) Dave Cush’s solo efforts under his own negociant-style label Cush & Cush. If you’re looking for a future purchase, give ’em a crack (the Grenache/Mataro is dangerously drinkable)


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