2015 Hentley Farm Old Legend Grenache

“Old Legend” conjures up so many thoughts but I would never had associated it with Grenache.  Attaching the term to this wine is going to etch it into the minds of many I’ve not doubt, especially when you get the opportunity to try it.

The way the wine was made from the parcels of fruit picked is, I think, worth hitting the link and reading about (that’s why on this occasion I’ve included the link to the wine).  It’s like a personality was developed for the wine at the same time and you just want to delve deeper into it.

This may not make sense but, there’s plenty on the nose but it’s light and lingering.  The flavours are the same but (and again it may not make sense) with a subtle richness.

Red fruits, spicy dark cherries and the ‘easy going’ tannins carry it through on the palate very, very nicely.  I must add too, the next night, it was like it was telling me it had the stamina to hang around until I retire (I’ll keep that year to myself for now).


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $62.00     Source: Sample



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