2010 Teusner Avatar Grenache Mataro Shiraz

Normally I wouldn’t post a review about an ‘older’ wine but this one deserves it.  The down side to opening this wine is, I realise it’s been a while since I bought some of it!

This fella is dressed to the nines now and out to impress because everything is still so clean & pressed, strutting it’s stuff like a peacock.  And so it should!

The dark fruits are still singing from the rooftops, subtle spiciness helping it get there. Hugely generous on the palate, it just seems to keep on going.  Not sure how much of an apex this roof has but this wine does not have a problem reaching it.

Anyway, if you have some, well done to you.  If you don’t, have a hunt around.  It’ll be worth the excursion.


Region:  Barossa Valley     Price: $40 (for the current release 2014)  Source: Retail Purchase


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