2014 Lyons Will Pinot Noir

I love discovering new wineries, even more so when they make Pinot Noir and good Pinot Noir at that.

No point in mincing words.  It’s varietal in every way the variety is supposed to be.  Pretty basic I know but that’s how it seems these guys have tackled the making of this wine and it’s the way it should be.

It’s a pretty lively, young little cub.  Showing plenty of youthful aromas straight up and no different when you sip it then,  hello red fruits!  Crowding the palate they dominate but they welcome in sour cherry notes to balance out that red fruit sweetness in a friendly, congenial way.  There’s next to no acid to speak of which tells me this is not for that long haul but, so what!  Drink up and enjoy this as it is right now I reckon.


Region: Macedon Ranges     Price: $31     Source: Gift


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