2015 Hentley Farm Zinfandel

From the research I’ve done, Zinfandel (aka Primitivo) sounds to me like a grape that should be avoided!  It has thin skin, ripens unevenly (green in appearance to raisins in the same bunch) and can over-crop if not closely monitored in the vineyard.

The guys at Hentley Farm are pretty smart buggers though.  They did the sensible thing and planted it in the ideal location and, coupled with the warm climate of the Barossa Valley, they have given the variety every chance to ripen properly and flourish.

Not having had many Zinfandels I honestly did not know what to expect.  The first thing was the nose.  Chocca block full of red fruits, little pepper & spice and smelling oh so very nice. On the palate, same but there was a surprise there waiting for me.  Medium bodied. Yep, I have to admit, I expected to be on the lighter side but, nope it has a lush mouthfeel. Plus, add the spicy cherry/plumminess on the mid palate and everything is rounded out very nicely.

Just like a problem child, given the correct environment, treated right and with respect, they tend to behave and provide results to be proud of.  If the result of this wine is anything to go by, it is worth the time, effort and commitment.


Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $39.50     Source: Sample


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