2013 Yalumba ‘Andrew Murphy’ Signature Cabernet Shiraz

Yalumba have been making the Signature for as long as, well, it doesn’t matter because of the significance of the reason for it.  Putting an outstanding contributor’s name to one of their wines shows their gratitude.  It is, and always will be, someone at Yalumba who is or has been a huge contributor to the family.  And I say family, and not company, for a reason.  Yalumba is ‘family’ first and foremost.

The Signature has been around since 1962 and I’ve no doubt, if you have the opportunity to try some of the older ones, you would understand why Yalumba put a significant amount of time and effort into producing such a wine that will age.

I feel sorry for this vintage as it had to follow the amazing 2012, not only did it have the boss’ (Robert Hill-Smith) signature on the back, but because of how good that vintage was.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a superb vintage too in every way.

Colour; thick and dense as straight Ribena.  A huge, vibrant nose on this wine but it is so pure! Taste this thing and it reeks of class and sophistication but the price is such that you’ll wonder if this is a wine to make money or friends and the latter seems to be the focus.

It is the quintessential, consistently reliable, Aussie blend that always impresses. Amazing quality!

Region: Barossa Valley, Australia     Price: $60     Source: Gift



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