2015 LiNO RaMBLe Gomas Grenache

Grenache.  The poor bugger has been treated quite badly over the years.  Mainly used for fortified wines many years ago, it was one of the varieties that felt the wrath of the vine pull scheme in the mid 1980’s resulting in a lot of old bush vine material being lost. Thankfully, some of the gardeners kept theirs and we, us drinkers, are more than happy and very grateful they did.

What needs to be pointed out is, sometimes Grenache is made into a high alcohol drink that really needs food to help it out.  This one does not.

Get ready for a pinot-esque delivery of spicy cherries both when diving your nose into it or swishing it around your mouth.  The other thing that I loved about this wine is it is so juicy and a little bit sweet but the tannins brought it all back into a line.  They were a little dry but balanced the whole package out so well!  I described this wine on social media as “palate friendly”.  Let me tell you, there was not a drop left by the end of the night.

Andy Coppard & Ange Townsend have created a medium bodied, flavoursome version of Grenache that will please all and sundry.  Very “give-me-more” ish.


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $30     Source: Sample



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