2015 Lino Ramble Tom Bowler Nero d’Avola

Two things captured my attention with this wine.  The label and the name. This wine is appealing on both counts.  The label is intriguing enough but the wine’s name drags me in from a nostalgic point of view too.

For those old enough to remember, how cool is the old lino print on the label?!  I don’t remember this one but it has reminded me of others that were so hip at the time.

The name, Tom Bowler, brings such a smile to my face.  When smart phones were not the norm in kids hands, you used to challenge your mates with a game of marbles and the ‘Tom Bowler’ was used to bring the game back to level pegging or complete the mission.  The marble that could end all marble games.

The wine.  Well, it seemed to be a bit shy to start with but the tendency was for it to want to show itself but needed some encouragement.  Surprise, surprise, all it took was a bit of patience, some nice food and voila!!

The aromatic nose reminded me of a, sort of, robust Pinot with dark cherries and was a bit earthy.  Add to that the juicy, plump, lush, generous and delicious fruit on the palate and you have a Sicilian wine that paired very nicely with a Russian dish, Beef Stroganoff.

Like the ‘marble to end all marble games’, this would go close to being the Nero to end all Nero games.  A winner for me!


Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $30     Source: Sample


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