2013 Tom Rogers Yarra Valley Syrah

Up until now, I did not know Tom Rogers…or his wines…if indeed there is a connection with a fellow by the name of Tom Rogers and this wine.

Nonetheless, if Tom Rogers does exist, I can just imagine him walking into a room and, with a good hand shake, introducing himself.  “Hi.  Tom Rogers.”

Everything with this wine seemed so natural and smooth.  The opening, the pouring, the drinking.  Somehow in the whole situation, by no fault of his own, Tom Rogers seemed to dominate the room.

His appearance is dapper yet understated.  His demeanour is suave yet modest.

A wine that has the hallmarks of a cool climate ‘Syrah’ with white pepper but red/blue fruits carrying it nicely.  Plummy mid palate showing the medium bodied weight that I’ve no doubt the winemaker was aiming for and hit the target.

I can understand Tom Rogers, whoever you are, putting his name to this wine.


Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria     Price: $25     Source: Gift



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