2015 Main and Cherry Sauvignon Blanc

Family and friends would be shocked and horrified to know I’m tasting let alone drinking Sauvignon Blanc.  Yep, I’m drinking this one (truth be known, sharing it with my wife).

I could go into any number of reasons why I don’t drink this variety but that would be taking away from the reasons I am drinking this one from Main and Cherry.

Let me start with the fact it is not blousy.  It seems to have an individuality of its own that, for me anyway, separates it from, well you know, those ‘others’.

It has plenty of fruit characteristics not dissimilar to a Riesling with some residual sugar. There’s some passionfruit but added citrus/lemon/limeyness too that seems to come to the fore when served not too chilled down.  Something else that I really like about this particular version is, there’s a bit of texture on the palate.  It’s not lean but it’s not ‘fume’ either.  Mike Sexton has put this Savvy in a spectrum I could easily warm to.

There will be people out there who will be applauding Mr Sexton for getting me to drink Sauvignon Blanc.  I’m doing the same.  Thank you Mike.  You may have opened a whole new world for me.  Cheers!


Region: Adelaide Hills     Price: $25     Source: On line purchase


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