A Thomas Wines Shiraz Tango

I decided to use the ‘tango’ when it came to describing these two wines because I felt the only way to get to know them was to ‘dance’ with them in a close and personal way.  It involved using both the Open Embrace and Close Embrace version of the dance.  Mind you, I have to admit straight up that I have no idea how to dance and I had no idea what to expect from these wines not having tasted many Hunter Valley reds.  So, I decided to learn about both (metaphorically speaking of course.  I have no plans to take up the Tango but I reckon I will be taking up drinking more Hunter Valley Shiraz).

The open embrace is the style of tango that is best suited  when tasting the 2014 DJV (short for Déjà Vu) Shiraz. It’s the ideal place to start when you’re unfamiliar with your partner. Keep a distance, get to know them better and eventually a mutual confidence in each other begins to build and you find yourselves gliding through the routine.

The close embrace tango is without doubt the dance for the 2014 Sweetwater Shiraz.  It would be a combination of the Argentinian version (chest to chest) and the American (hip to hip, thigh to thigh).  A whole body tango if you like!!  This one has concentration and intensity but with grace, poise and balance and could go the distance in a dance-a-thon.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these wines and accepted them for what they represent. Different versions of the same variety, made using a different approach for each, but showcasing the region in a most profound way.


Region: Hunter Valley    Price: $30 & $35     Source: Tasting


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