2013 Rusty Mutt Shiraz

McLaren Vale Shiraz.  Okay, there is plenty of it about, no denying that.  Pretty much all of what I’ve had the pleasure of trying is very smart indeed.

What separates this one from the others? Well, to be honest, not a lot really.  I say that in a positive way.  This is also a very smart indeed, very smart.

The one thing I struggled with when it came to this wine is the price.  Yep, the price.  If this was on the stock market and you bought some of it, you would be more than happy with the return on your investment.  It pays some damn good dividends already.

The colour is quite dense looking but has a youthful purple rim (I have to mention my wife thought it was going to be a BIG wine) but on the palate is very smooth and elegant thanks to the black fruits and plums that are mouth-filling.  My wife picked up a very nice subtle licorice flavour too.  If you’re looking for oak and tannin in this wine, you may as well go looking for the share price of Wine Investment Services.  In other words don’t waste your time or money!  Use both to find this wine and buy this wine.

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia     Price: $33     Source: On line purchase (sort of)




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