2012 O’Leary Walker Wyebo Adelaide Hills Shiraz

Now, the first thing that I wanted to know about this wine was why it was called “Wyebo”.  I did the website check and the google thing.  Nothing came up.  So, I decided to make up my own definition.

Wyebo: adjective Used to describe an O’Leary Walker Shiraz wine (noun).  Meaning: From a singular cool climate vineyard, packed with aromas, flavours melded together to attract attention, share amongst friends and be enjoyed with food.

It was about this point my wife alerted me to the back label on the bottle.  I read it. There was history stuff about the “Wyebo” property at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hill being in the O’Leary family since 1912 but I still think my definition best sums up this wine.

I must say though, it’s a lovely juicy wine that has a white/black pepper influence sharing space under the bottle’s screwcap with a tad dry-ish tannins (who must thank the fruit for its support).  I also know the last bottle I have of this wine is going to be in my cellar longer than Donald Trump will be in office.

Couldn’t find it on the O’Leary Walker website, so google it, find it and buy some.  It is damn good ‘n’ nice!

Also, and it has to be said, the cellar door in the Clare Valley is an amazing set up.  A great line-up of wines, great staff, terrific outlook and the platters?  Well, you’ll have to go there and find out for yourself.

Region: Adelaide Hills, S.A.     Price: $35     Source: Cellar Door purchase.



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