2014 Eddystone Point Pinot Noir

Let me introduce you to a quiet achiever that has won more gold medals than Ian Thorpe. Yep, this little number has won 6 of them compared to Thorpy’s 5.  Then add three trophies to the tally and you have one very talented wine.  Well I suppose the winemaking team deserve to take the credit for it really.

This wine is quite a surprise packet for a second tier wine (Bay of Fires is the primary wine).  Yes, it has all you expect when it comes to the aromas and flavours of pinot noir but there is something, I dunno, extra about it.  If I put my finger on it before I reach the bottom of the bottle, I’ll include it in my notes.

When you pour the wine, it is fairly light in colour which is fine of course because you know that there is going to be some pretty good flavours ready to rise to the surface from beneath that colour, and that is exactly what happened.  Those flavours were even kind enough to hang around for a bloody long time to prolong the pleasure of this wine.

I can easily imagine wine show judges being seduced by the charm that seems to ooze from the glass.  Hang on.  That’s it!!  That’s the something extra this pinot seems to have.


Region: Pipers River, Tasmania     Price: $30     Source: Retail purchase


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