2015 Hentley Farm Barossa Valley Shiraz

2015 Barossa Valley Shiraz. Sounds scary doesn’t it.  But, on this occasion it is a warm, friendly, pretty (my wife’s descriptor) and approachable wine.

There’s a lot to be said for wineries producing wine and putting them out there for the punters at such a young age.  Pretty bold really but on this occasion, Hentley Farm have hit the mark and are on a winner.

I have to admit there were certain expectations with this wine due to it’s youth.  Lots of red (but mainly) black fruits on the nose and palate, of course.  Fresh as the proverbial daisy, of course.  Plenty going on, of course. However, this gem has come together nicely already.

The smoothness of this wine is definitely it’s ‘WOW’ factor. The fruit is so ‘clean’ it carries the alcohol and tannins so (and I don’t use this word often) perfectly (for me anyway).

An absolute pleasure to taste, drink and share.


Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia     Price: $28.50     Source: Sample


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