2014 Apostrophe Possessive Reds’ Shiraz Grenache Mataro

There are times where you wonder when the right time is to use an apostrophe but, how cool is it to have an Apostrophe that contains wine, that you can use anytime you damn well like, and you won’t get any complaints or get corrected!

Now, the label’s not exactly flash but that doesn’t matter here.  It’s what is behind it that counts.  The colour is like a blushing ace of spades.  The mouth-watering aromas are pretty intense with a bombardment of berries which is no different when you eventually get around to tasting it (keep smelling it by all means).  Lots going on right about now too.  The berries keep on giving and it seems to drench your mouth with flavours galore.

It sounds pretty full on I know, and it is but, it’s also nicely balanced by some slightly drying tannin, and I mean only slightly.  The richness of the fruit carries these along perfectly.

Sorry but I have no idea where to get this wine and I’d love to get some more.  Larry Cherubino made this and he should stand up and accept the applause.  He has done an amazing job considering the ridiculous price.  Great value indeed!

Region: Frankland River, W.A.     Price: About $20     Source: Wine Show purchase



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