2013 Pooley Pinot Noir

I’m not going to go on about how good Tassie Pinot Noir is.  I’m sure I’ve done that before and it’s common knowledge anyway.

The colour belies the nose which in turn belies the flavours on the palate (belies is my favourite word at the moment).  The colour tells you it’s Pinot but get it under your nose and onto your tongue and you will be surprised.

Righto, so, right from the start it’s straight into the dark cherry spectrum for me both aromatically and palatically (that’s my new made-up wine word).  The weird thing is it’s savoury, sorta peppery, yet has a pleasant sweet edge to balance it. As for the finish and length, the tannins and fruit work hand in hand to make this linger for a time that has you wondering if the cellar door crew have charged you enough.

For an entry level Pinot, this is giving plenty for the punter to absorb.  I’m a huge fan if you haven’t already worked it out.


Region: Coal River Valley, Tasmania     Price: $36     Source: Cellar Door purchase


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1 Response to 2013 Pooley Pinot Noir

  1. Vlad Antropov says:

    One of my favourite Tasmanian Pinots. Just my style.

    Great to see so many familiar Tasmanian labels on your blog – makes me nostalgic. This is what I brought home from my 2013 trip to Tamar Valley:




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