2012 d’Arenberg Coppermine Road Cabernet

I am not scared of monsters.  Monster wines however are a different story.  I expected this to be such a wine and it lived up to that expectation.

Just how Sulley was tamed by the little girl Boo in the movie Monsters Inc, this wine was tamed by two hours in a decanter and, just like Sulley, this became a bit of a softy in that time.

When I say ‘softy’ I don’t mean it lost all its muscle, punch and power.  That was still there that’s for sure but it was all delivered with pure elegance making it so much more approachable at such a young age (fours years of age is very young for these wines).

Fruit was still juicy and concentrated, oak integrated nicely and the tannins were a tad drying but didn’t detract from the obvious quality of this wine (obvious seems such a lame word to use in that context of this wine).  Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Region: McLaren Vale     Price: $65     Source: Wine Show excess purchase



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