2015 Hentley Farm The Stray Mongrel Grenache Shiraz Zinfandel

How many wine producers do you know that have a Grenache/Shiraz/Zinfandel blend? Okay, that was a trick question because there is only one and that is Hentley Farm.  Yep, this blend is unique to them.

A stray mongrel conjures up images of a scraggly looking mix breed dog that has no home or owner and essentially is not wanted.  Well, I can tell you right now, this clean & tidy ‘Stray Mongrel’ is a mixed breed (of varieties) but has definitely found a home at Hentley Farm and, after tasting it, they would be very proud owners.

It’s all about red fruits with this wine which has to be the 57% Grenache (and the touch of 4% Zinfandel) influence but the 39% Shiraz is giving it some black cherry/berry notes too.  It’s a bit pinot-esque in that respect but with marginally more body to it.

A young wine can either be pretty harsh, a bit disjointed and difficult to drink or fresh, fruity, juicy and approachable.  This would be lucky to have been in bottle for 12 months, yet it is very balanced and drinkable already.  In fact, it is so balanced, you could walk a tightrope, without a safety net, holding a glass of this in one hand and the bottle, with the remaining wine in it, in the other.

Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $28.50     Source: Gift



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