2015 Yelland and Papps Vermentino

You know how sometimes on a warm day there’s a bit of dark storm cloud about and rain is threatening?  Eventually, when it does rain, it freshens everything up, you are comfortable again and feel a sense of relief.

Okay, so it wasn’t a warm day and there was no rain to freshen everything up, but after a day of tasting a few wines, Yelland and Papps Vermentino sure did freshen things up!! Generally I head for a beer or a Riesling but this made for a great palate cleanser.  The glasses came out and before I knew it, everybody wanted more (but 750mls can only go so far).

It was our ‘first up’ wine for the night and actually played the aperitif role particularly well even though that was not the plan for it.  There was plenty of aromas, flavours and interest in this rather under-rated member of the Yelland and Papps family of wines.

There was a very nice texture to it too that (surprisingly) paired nicely with a pork/veal/pistachio nut terrine (and a couple of cheeses too).

A (good) word of warning; this is an extremely more-ish wine.  Love your work guys!

Region: Barossa Valley     Price: $25     Source: Swap



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