2014 De Bortoli Regional Reserve Chardonnay

I feel sorry for Chardonnay.  It copped some flak a few years ago for being too oaky and buttery.  When some of these types of Chardonnays developed over time they became flabby and horrible (for want of a better word).  Thankfully things changed for the better. Regardless, I’ve always like Chardonnay.

Balance was the first word that came to mind when both my wife and I tasted this wine.  It was so ‘even’ in smell, taste and drinkability.  We both thought it seemed such a kind, considerate wine.  Generous with its flavour, subtle with its power, attention to detail and stays long enough to be interesting without losing its appeal.  I could easily drink quite a bit of this wine any time of the year.

I could say quite a bit more about this wine but it’s not the type that wants to be the centre of attention.  It’s more a wine that wants to be a part of the attention.  If you know the De Bortoli portfolio, you’ll know exactly what this means.

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria     Price: ?     Source: Wine Show Purchase



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