2014 Teusner Wark Family Shiraz

Switch on…now!!  That’s what the label tells you to do and precisely what happened when I opened then poured this wine.  No muckin’ about with this Barossa Shiraz I gotta say.

Straight up it gives you what you would expect, and want, from a Single Vineyard Barossa Shiraz.  Blackberries dominate the up front, fruit driven nose and palate, no question. Spicy plums give a bit more on the palate with some subtle herbs going about their business.

It seems such a busy wine.  Heaps going on but so diarised.  It knew where it needed to be at a particular time.  I found I wanted to slow the process down while drinking it but it was a struggle.  I thought about putting a Enya CD on but, I don’t own one so I ended up sloshing it into a decanter and it immediately mellowed out (I don’t know if the threat of Enya or the decanter caused this). Tannins were not as hyperactive as expected so I was able to put the phernergan away.

This is an incredibly delicious wine that reminds me of the ‘cat coming out of the dairy’ scenario.  Very satisfying, smug Cheshire cat smiling kinda wine.  Loved it!

Region: Stonewell, Barossa Valley     Price: $29     Source: Gift




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