2014 Josef Chromy Pinot Noir

Just because a wine is readily available and easily accessible doesn’t mean it is another mass produced, commercial, cash-crop sort of wine.  Mind you, even some of those wines seem to hit the mark regularly.

Okay, this is a Pinot Noir that is both easily accessible and readily available but it’s still varietal and true blue Tassie.  It’s also one you don’t have to analyse too much.  Unless you want to waste those few minutes.

At this price point,  you expect a little more than a quaffer and, yes you get that but it is so drinkable already and mighty impressive.

Cherries are the obvious fruit in this wine but strawberries and raspberries are partners in crime.  I’m guessing you’re thinking, “that’s what Tassie Pinot is so well known for but what is the point of difference”, especially when it comes to young Tassie Pinot.  That’s a fair comment.

Answer.  Palate weight and length.  Simple as that.

The light-ish colour bluffs you because it is more medium bodied than light, and yeah, those fruits I mentioned earlier are still there but plums chime in to fill the mid palate very nicely indeed.  The oak and tannins?  The only reason you know they played their part is because of the ‘team photo’ taken at the end of the season where they are named as part of the entire line-up.

I have no idea how long this delicious and juicy wine will cellar but, to be honest, I don’t care.  It is very easy to drink now without even thinking about that.  I’ll let you make that decision.


Region: Relbia, Tasmania     Price: $38     Source: Online purchase




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