2010 Grey Sands Pinot Noir

Don’t you just love it when a winery is happy to hold back their wines so you get something that has some age.  How many wineries do you know do that?  There wouldn’t be many.

Even though this wine has 6 years under it’s belt, it is still so obviously a young pinot noir. You just have to look at the colour!

Aromas are such that you feel as though you’ve walked into the Kate’s Berry Farm at Swansea (Tasmania) during harvest with your nose in bucket of freshly picked cherries while chewing on a plum.

Tasting this wine is no different.  Gee it seems fresh on the palate too!  We had it with some Italian meatballs and some herbs presented themselves so as not to be overlooked regardless of their small part in proceedings.

This may not sound normal but it has a sweetish but slightly dry finish that tickles the taste buds for quite a long time.

My guess is the ‘Richter’ scale has been gently nudged by this Pinot and will attract the attention of the media and punters alike before too long.  Get in quick people.


Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $50     Source: Sample


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