2014 Moorilla Pinot Gris

Real men don’t drink Pinot Gris!  A bit like ‘real men don’t eat quiche’.  Well have I got news for you.  Real men drink Pinot Gris and real men eat quiche (real man’s quiche of course).

The colour was enough to let you know this was going to be ‘left of centre’.  Fresh out of the glass is where it all starts.

Have you ever gone to one of those country agricultural shows where there is (sometimes) a fellow with a chainsaw and he carves something out of a tree stump or similar and then see what those guys create?!  With raw products comes something that everybody clearly identifies with.  No different with this wine.

Hand-picked, wild yeast fermented, lees stirring and French Oak has resulted in a pear (expected) & cashew nose, linked perfectly with a lovely textured, minerally, slightly vanilla cream and long, elegant palate providing an amazing Pinot Gris experience.

I’ve no idea where the acid went but it may be looking into the grey area of Gris and Grigio. There’s no need when it comes to this wine.  It’s Pinot Gris and, not as you would normally know it.  It gives much more than you would expect.  Delicious!

Region: Tamar Valley, Tasmania     Cost: $30     Source: Moorilla Cellar Door



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