2015 Moores Hill Riesling

I have tasted and drunk plenty of Tassie riesling and I don’t remember ever being disappointed with one.  I may have been but I doubt it.

Something that did surprise me, and may surprise you, is that Moores Hill were established in 1997.  For the many years I have visited Launceston, and consequently the Tamar Valley, I did not realise they were there.  In that time, I have only visited twice.  Sad I know.

It will come as no surprise however that this wine greets you with an intense floral nose with a hit of lemons and limes.  Typically Tasmanian I hear you say.  Yes it is but, it still has quite an individual charm to it that will, or should I say does, seduce you.  The citrusy flavours conspire with the lovely, almost spritzy, acid to keep you topping up your glass.

And let’s not forget the hint of residual sugar that I got on the palate.  It’s not a ‘sweetener’ but an equaliser.  To remind the aforementioned co-conspirators that it’s not all about them.  It’s about “the whole is the sum of all its parts”.  All of these parts have combined beautifully to produce a pure, fresh, delicious Riesling.


Region: Tamar Valley, Tasmania     Price: $30     Source: Retail purchase



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2 Responses to 2015 Moores Hill Riesling

  1. How ironic is the timing of your post Tony! Moores Hill indeed! We picked up a 2010 Moores Hill CGR Late Harvest Riesling (375ml) on one of those two visits (12 Feb 2011 for the purists). This little baby has been passed over, neglected and forgotten, moved hither and thither, and with the right evening and opportunity never really presenting itself, until just this very last Saturday. And here we’ve been thinking rather despondently “It’s been left far too long!” But no, it was perfect; age had not wearied it at all. The colour was an intense yellow that truly gleamed. And so did we at its sweetness; a perfect desert wine for any occasion. I say, it wouldn’t be too late to pop back and see if they have any 2010’s left would it?


    • Tony Peters says:

      Ironic indeed! The 2010 CGR sounds pretty darn good and I love your description of it. You’ve probably already checked but, they currently have the 2015 for sale. It never hurts to give them a call and ask because some cellar doors do have back vintage wines for sale.


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