2012 Thompson Estate Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking back over some of the wines I have posted on social media, it became clear to me I do not drink enough wines from Western Australia. Drinking this wine made me realise exactly what I am missing out on.

Now, it goes without saying that when you have Bob Cartwright making the wine, you are always, ALWAYS, going to get a quality product.

This reeked of ‘young’ as soon as I opened it.  So much so I felt I could’ve slapped in on it’s backside and it would have screamed and cried it’s eyes out!  Instead of that I thought it best to pour it into a decanter and let it breathe and come to life over time.  And time is exactly what it needed.

When we (our dinner guests included) tasted this wine, it was obvious to us it was powerful but smooth, (red & black) fruity but spicy/savoury at the same time, mouth-wateringly juicy but ever so slightly dry on the finish.  That all makes it sound a bit unbalanced but, believe me, it wasn’t.

Just out of interest, and for no other reason than that, I tried to find something I didn’t like about this wine.  I don’t know why I bothered wasting my time.  I enjoyed it immensely!

Region: Margaret River, W.A.     Cost: $45     Source: Gift

Thompson Estate


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